Frequently Asked Questions
What are the minimums for each type of product?

As a standard, our minimums are as follows:
Screen Printing – 72 pieces
Embroidery – 12 pieces
Yard Signs – 10 units
Stickers – 100 units
Face Masks – 50 pieces

Remember, the more pieces you order – the lower the price!

Can you print my t-shirts, stickers, and posters?

Something that we are very proud of is that we can do it all for you. Think of us as a one-stop dream factory.

How long will it take to finish my order?
Our standard turnaround time is 10-15 business days. We will always do our best to beat this, but this timeframe is a realistic expectation to go off of.
I have a very fast-approaching deadline, can I do a rush order?
Absolutely! We try to accommodate all requests, and a rush is available on all of our services for an additional charge.

Please bear in mind that the clock doesn’t start until the quote and artwork have been approved and the deposit has been received.

Do you offer discounts?
We have a tiered pricing structure, so for bulk orders, there will be a per unit price decrease as compared to smaller quantity orders.

Please reach out to our sales team to determine what quantity is best for you and your pricing needs.

Can I pick up my items?
You absolutely can. Shipping is a charge in addition to services, so if you are local and would rather pick up your pieces instead, just let us know!
What finishing services do you offer?
For your garments, we offer barcodes, hang tags, and blank boxes for an additional charge. Shrink wrapping is also available for stickers.
How do you handle damaged items?
Although we have very high standards and confidence in our production capabilities, spoilage can happen. In line with the industry standard, we allow up to a 2% spoilage rate on all jobs. If your project requires an exact needed quantity, please let us know that before the sale finality so we are aware and can guide you through how many pieces to order. Otherwise, if spoilage does occur, it will be deducted from your invoice.
Screen Printing
What do setup costs include?
Included in these fees are screens and films. The more colors in a design, the more screens and films that project requires.
Can I provide my own garments?
Of course. We work with a number of vendors to source the garment that is just right for your project, but if you already have them, that works too!

The main difference is that we are not liable for customer-provided materials and the potential (although very unlikely) damage that may occur.

How many colors can I use?
The maximum amount of colors for screen printing is generally 7 spot colors. We do offer simulated process printing for full-color projects.
Am I able to see what the T-shirt will look like before production?
Yes! We will provide you with a digital presentation of what your garment will look like upon completion and rely on our exquisite proofing process to ensure the highest quality for your finished product.
Can you do 3D or puff embroidery?
We sure can! Send over your artwork and let’s get started.

If you’re unsure if your design is compatible with this type of embroidery, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

What is the maximum amount of colors I can use for my order?
We have a vast array of colors to choose from and access to any color you need, and allow up to 15 threads per order.
Am I able to get a sample prior to production?
Yes, we offer a sew-out of your design for an additional charge to be included in your setup fee.
What are the artwork requirements when I go to submit for a quote?
High resolution images! If your artwork is already vectored, it saves us a step, but we are able to work with most provided images. Our art department can also vector your artwork for an additional fee.

Please give us a call for specific artwork sizing needs and colors for your project.