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In-House Professional Graphic Design Artists

Do you need a logo for your business, or are you looking to change your current logo design? Maybe you have some ideas about what you want your logo or design to look like but not sure how to simplify it into an eye-catching logo that you love. Working with a professional graphic design artist can transform your ideas into professional works of art that capture your brand identity in a way you’re proud to share.

Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

Good graphic designers combine art and science to create images, design, and logos that work on multiple levels. A great design just doesn’t look cool; it communicates. Experienced graphic designers know the best ways to communicate your brand and services to your customers through the medium of art design. Think of your graphic designer as a visual storyteller for your brand.

How A/P Helps You Create a Custom Logo

Getting your logo right is essential. It’s one of the most significant pieces that go into your branding because people are visual. We remember images, not words. Logo design is a combination of art and science guided by principles.


Will it still be a great logo 10, 20, or 50 years down the road? It should be.


The design should be simple and clean enough to be flexible and easily recognizable. If it’s too busy, it will be distracting or confusing.


It should be easy to recognized and understand. It should be clever, but it’s not a puzzle. It should only take a second or two for your audience to understand.


It needs to scale to different sizes without losing quality. Will it work across various media and within different contexts?


Does it make sense for your product or service?
A/P’s in-house graphic designers will work with you every step of the way to get you a finished logo design that checks all the boxes and represent your brand in a smart and eye-catching way.

5 Step Design Process


Get to Know You

Once we understand your industry, we want to understand you. What are your values? What are your company values? What’s your brand promise?


We research your field and industry to get a sense of the environment your logo’s going to live in.

Sketch & Iterate

We present you with a few possibilities and get your feedback.


After getting your feedback, we revise and tweak.


We deliver your finished logo, sort our file formats, and iterations for different products your logo will live on.

Happy Clients

These guys are Awesome!
They designed and printed 380 T-shirts for me “last minute” for the Eclipse back in 2017. They sold like hot cakes. Amazing job Ellis!

- Robert Neal

Jared, TJ and team go above and beyond to make sure their clients are taken care of! They listened to all of my needs and made sure to stay within my budget AND delivered a higher quality product than we had been previously sourcing.
- Hillary Rowe

Pretty great place with awesome people and super products. High quality printing and good customer service. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!

- Jenn Hess

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