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Custom Embroidered Design.
Hats, polos, outerwear, bags, and more!

The art of custom embroidery

Bold and durable decoration.

Embroidery is typically thought of as a needle stitching thread onto fabric to create a durable and beautiful pattern. Whether it’s on a hat, jacket, or backpack – the textured look and feel of custom embroidery is hard to overlook.

Commonly chosen by companies for the professional and polished look, embroidery can be used on a wide variety of materials and won’t fade over time like other decoration methods. In order for embroidery to shine, the right equipment, digitizers, and professional experience are of critical importance to deliver a high quality product in a
timely manner.

Our Process.

How it works.


Start off by sending us your art and specifications. We can then help choose your garment / items and select your colors & style.

*Finishes can include: puff or flat and specialty threads including metallic or matte.


Once we review your order, our team of expert digitizers will transform your artwork into a stitch file enabling our machines can accurately sew the image.


We then produce a sew-out that shows exactly how the stitch pattern will look and send it to you for approval before starting production.

Embroidery Explained

What is digitizing?

The process of digitizing involves tracing the production-ready artwork using embroidery software to translate the art into a file that tells the embroidery machine how exactly to read and stitch it out. This is why precise artwork is so crucial to the process and success of the design.

What is a sew out?

An embroidery sew out is a proof of your logo or artwork embroidered onto a sample of fabric similar to that of your finished product. This produced sample allows you to see how your design will ultimately look and allows for any needed alterations.

Thread Guide

Single Color Thread.

Multi Color Thread.

Please Contact for any additional color questions you may have

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We Get the job done.

Quality Equipment

Within embroidery, it is essential to have high quality artwork, equipment, and the expert knowledge to put them both together. We use top of the line Barudan machinery for even and extraordinary results.

Expert Team Members

We have assmebled the best embroidery team with decades of experience and the highest level of professionalism. Each member of the team has the know-how and skills required to produce something you will be thrilled with.

Guaranteed Results

Having a reputation built upon results is established by proven standards. We have fast turnaround times, prompt shipping, and a track record of producing the highest quality product.