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Are you running or participating in a campaign in the Denver area? Maybe you’re a real estate agent promoting your brand or a home. Perhaps you’re a business advertising for an annual sale or special event. Whichever category you fall into, a custom yard is an affordable way to get noticed. Yard signs are durable, portable, and customizable. All A/P yard signs are made in house in our union shop with our industry leading M&R Saturn flatbed graphics press to ensure the highest quality sign possible.

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What is a Custom Yard Sign?

Nearly everyone has seen a yard sign, and for good reason – they’re affordable and effective. Yard signs are made from 4mm corrugated plastic. The standard yard sign dimension is 24” x 18” and are supported with wire step-in stakes. They can be single or double sided, and cut to custom shapes and sizes. Pricing is determined by the number of colors used, whether it’s single or double sided, and the quantity of signs ordered.

Outdoor Durability

Yard signs are loved for their durability. They are waterproof and UV resistant. You can leave yard signs outdoors for weeks or months at a time and they’ll hold up. You can get years of use from one yard sign, especially if you take care of it and remove it during extreme weather events.

Why Political Yard Signs?


Name Recognition

The most critical thing campaign signs can do is get your name recognized on the local level. This is especially important if you’re running a campaign for the first time.

Create Momentum

When people see your campaign signs around town repeatedly, it creates a sense of momentum. They get a feeling that you’re somebody to pay attention to.

Your Message

People need to know what the central message of your campaign is. When they see your name, they should be able to associate it with your campaign message.

Protect Your Name

Strategic campaign signs can help in a heated campaign where you might be mislabeled by your opponent. They can be a high road counter to cheap shots and mudslinging.

Real Estate Yard Sign Benefits



Real estate signs don’t cost much and provide you with a significant return on investment.


Real estate signs are made to withstand the elements. They are completely waterproof and UV protected, so your message can get seen year-round.


Real estate signs reach people who are looking for a new home. Even though online real estate shopping dominates, 10% of people found out about the home they purchased from a yard sign.


Realtors use signs for advertising open houses and new property listings. They’re used to build brand awareness as well. Because they’re customizable, realtors can design signs that standout amongst the crowd.

Happy Clients

These guys are Awesome!
They designed and printed 380 T-shirts for me “last minute” for the Eclipse back in 2017. They sold like hot cakes. Amazing job Ellis!

- Robert Neal

Jared, TJ and team go above and beyond to make sure their clients are taken care of! They listened to all of my needs and made sure to stay within my budget AND delivered a higher quality product than we had been previously sourcing.
- Hillary Rowe

Pretty great place with awesome people and super products. High quality printing and good customer service. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!

- Jenn Hess

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